Saturday, 17 October 2009

week 1 of scaphoid repair

so that is now a week since ive been back to work after being off sick for the last 5 weeks to allow me to pretty much be a lazy arsed derogatory-swear-word-of-your-choiceer.....*due note i think this may be the only time in the 6/7 years of training that i have taken that long off from training:|*

have been running alot and doing various cv sessions see how badly reversibility may have kicked in.

5km Running Pace:22 point sumthing mins reasonable...but has been significantly greater

3km with lampost intervals(sprint for 2 lamposts jog/run:) didnt time my self but found very draining and tough on the legs, quads and ad/abductors and glutes incredibly sore.

5km with 9kg weight vest @ probs 60-70% of running pace: first 2.5 km comfortable the last 2.5km was a killer, couldnt breath properly, legs were heavy, breathing irregular and it was a stop start consistency

these runs were incoperated with 20 mins on an upright bike using various profile programmes to act as an active recovery. once completed various hip exercises and stretching to strengthen that area where bone graft was done and also some light abs/core work

i also completed some muay thai training very light intensity and my right wrist was strapped up to my chest so i couldnt even stupidyl throw it.

these were dam tough sessions.Really hard training jst the left arm but am excellent way of working on performing to increase ability with a single extremity

once cast is off i am planning to train with the weight vest in thai....try and catch up and get bk to where i was

training was kinda hampered at end of this week caught a viral bug*thanks dad* and lost a half a stone in a day from poopooting and sprewing constant!

so thats this weeks update....know id sed every 2 but hey what can i sey i thot yous cud go some readin

the cast comes off tuesday so hopefully more progress can be made

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