Saturday, 17 October 2009

week 1 of scaphoid repair

so that is now a week since ive been back to work after being off sick for the last 5 weeks to allow me to pretty much be a lazy arsed derogatory-swear-word-of-your-choiceer.....*due note i think this may be the only time in the 6/7 years of training that i have taken that long off from training:|*

have been running alot and doing various cv sessions see how badly reversibility may have kicked in.

5km Running Pace:22 point sumthing mins reasonable...but has been significantly greater

3km with lampost intervals(sprint for 2 lamposts jog/run:) didnt time my self but found very draining and tough on the legs, quads and ad/abductors and glutes incredibly sore.

5km with 9kg weight vest @ probs 60-70% of running pace: first 2.5 km comfortable the last 2.5km was a killer, couldnt breath properly, legs were heavy, breathing irregular and it was a stop start consistency

these runs were incoperated with 20 mins on an upright bike using various profile programmes to act as an active recovery. once completed various hip exercises and stretching to strengthen that area where bone graft was done and also some light abs/core work

i also completed some muay thai training very light intensity and my right wrist was strapped up to my chest so i couldnt even stupidyl throw it.

these were dam tough sessions.Really hard training jst the left arm but am excellent way of working on performing to increase ability with a single extremity

once cast is off i am planning to train with the weight vest in thai....try and catch up and get bk to where i was

training was kinda hampered at end of this week caught a viral bug*thanks dad* and lost a half a stone in a day from poopooting and sprewing constant!

so thats this weeks update....know id sed every 2 but hey what can i sey i thot yous cud go some readin

the cast comes off tuesday so hopefully more progress can be made

scaphoid Repair Progress

ell folks its been 5 weeks since my op to have bone grafted from my hip to my scaphoid!


excuse that outburst there! the only form of exercise i have been doing is hip based exercise to strengthen the area where the bone graft came from

well i have 2 weeks left till i am out of the cast and i am begining to get back in to training on monday.starting my training for my fight on monday by beginning to do light cardio and flexibility based work!

once the cast is off its bk to my weights/bodyweight training sessions and upping of my thai and kickboxing sessions

have purchased 3 montsh worth of protein suppliments and if any one has a tesco available to them that sells suppliments i wud advise going in as the omi sci products are 3 for 2 atm and a brillant deal!

will be up dating this every 2 weeks to let folk know of my progress



Friday, 1 May 2009

May 2009-So Whats New

Oks so it has ben serveral months before i have posted anything up here but ive been busy actually doing training/work stead of writing up but have been taking mental notes of what has and what hasnt been coming along!

in the past 5 months my training has increased significantly. I have been training more on my striking technique and been putting in alot of sparring in the last 2 months after giving up mma due to the fact that my wrist is sooo gubbed if someone gets me in any kind of lock its all over! But Mick*muay thai coach* started his own club so not only am i getting my kickboxing practise in but also muay thai.

Its great to see how the two styles differ but also good as both can add sumthing to each and make them interesting, hopefully mick is gona get me a fight *heres hoping* but that all depends on my injuries....get to those in a bit. To continue my kickboxing gradin is due. Red belt black tags so been working on my fightin forms and my endurance as this will be a big test for me but hopefully end of the year ill be looking at my 1st dan

but anyways back to my training!....

as i was saying my training has increased and at the moment it is looking sumthing like this:

Monday:Chest and Back: Compound Movements and some abs( 1 Hour /1.5 hours)
Tuesday: 5km Run with 9kg weight vest and light stretching/Kickboxing later on ( 1 hour 45 mins)
Wednesday: Thai Boxing (1 hour pad work/ 30 mins sparring)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Shoulders and Back:Compound Movements and Some Abs (1 Hour/1.5 Hours) Thai Boxing (1 Hour
Saturday: Legs and Chest: Compound Movements and heavy stretch due to leg training (1 Hour/1.5 hours)

So my training has increased quite significantly from what it use to be. Before it was only 3 weight sessions and kickboxing and no CV work! i added the weight vest as to make the 5km distance which i usually find quite comfortable a tad bit challenging but also the weight vest was gathering dust and it needed a clean.

The increase in fight training is good aswell as the only way to become a better fighter is to spar more plus the fact i am working with two different styles of martial arts allows me to broaden my knownledge and see both strengths and weaknesses.

The splits are coming on quite a bit tho the side splits i think i just aint built for them to be done!

now i said theres a possibilty i could get a fight but that all determines on serval factors

  1. Scaphoid Fracture
  2. Weight
  3. My newly aqquired injured ankle* suspected fracture*

Now with the scaphoid fracture i have been told that i can get the operation done but there is a 1/20 chance that it will heal properly, so i go back in 4 months for a MOT Test if u may to see if i am fit and healthy enough for it. tho i could fight just now...but risk the chance of screwing it up!

The weight side of it, well av been told that if i want a fight ill have to drop half a stone to fight at 65 kilos! now for any of yous that have known me for quite a while will know that i have been trying to put on weight for the last 2-3 years and have managed to do so.....*very frigging slowly may i add*....but to be told id have to loose it is a bit of pain in the ass but if i want a fight its gota be done

finally my new injury happend there on wednesday night, unfortunately the docs think its 80% ligament damage or 20% bone damage.....i shall find out next wednesday.

hmmmmmmmm part from that the only other thing of importance is the fact am working on my level 3 now and i am due to take the exam in june, so hopefully next time i post ill be a Level 3 Qualified and on the REPS registar!

Till then.....

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A New Year and a New Beginning

its 2009 and i am a year older and hopefully a year wiser!

the last 2 years i have had i have probably gained more knowledge that i could have done going to college or uni! Now i aint saying that i am better than a degree level student as they have thay paper work to show the work they done to achieve that and i acknowledge their work and effort but sometimes textbooks and guidelines just doesnt cut it.....sometimes a more personal touch is required!

Now i know the last two years for me working full time and training full time and trying to keep up to date with my 2 loves has been hard! but hey i got their in the end.....kinda! I have progressed leaps and bounds in my kickboxing abilities and i am now transfering those skills and knowledge to mma and am amazed to have progressed so far in just under two years! a year and ill be at 1st dan level which from i was told from others would take far longer to achieve! I also got my love of parkour back after seeing how big it has grown and how many followers it has now after not practice for at least a year maybe more! but after attending the Mirror's Edge promotional master class if you may, i got that love back! i have even started working on achieving muscles ups from it and even tho my wrist is gubbed the pain drives me on! its a slow process but its a project on the go!

my most noticable thing that i am quite pleased and happy about is my weight increase, for those who have known me for a while will know of the hassle i had with weight problems when i 1st started training. After almost being diagnosed as medically anorexic for my height and size at a mere 8 stone at my lightest. i managed to go from 9 stone to a healthy weight of 11 stone. i am hopin for 2009 to increase my weight but drop at least 3 % body fat.

2009 is my year and its going to b a heck of a year! with a new rehab programme made for the summer to get me into higher level of fitness than ever, it will be interesting!

my main goals for this year are

  1. attain my 1st dan
  2. finally get those last few inches into splits sorted!
  3. get another fight
  4. get back into parkour
  5. increase my bodyweight and strength

hopefully you can track my progress and see how well it goes